Manic Monday

I’m not a big fan of Mondays – even when they are marketed as A New Beginning or  A Fresh Start … not only am I typically exhausted on Monday, but they always mark the end of the weekend for me.

Anyway, the song Manic Monday rings so true for me — so true, in fact, I often have Manic Mondays every day of the week. You know those kinds of days where you wish you could start over or look forward to the moment to arrive when you can close your eyes & when you open them, it’s “tomorrow”… I’m not talking tragedy here or anything remotely resembling life altering events. I’m referring to the silly, little, irritating, bothersome things, that just get under your skin ~ you know, like getting a spot on your shirt the moment you leave the house, before you arrive at your destination, but too late to do anything about it – so you have to “wear” the spot all day… Well, not exactly those kinds of things because that would be boring – but – similar to that sort of thing just amped up a few notches on Monster, Redbull or my personal favorite – Starbucks Java Chip Frappucino!!


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