T.G.I.F. ~ I LOVE Friday

Since Martha Stewart already has a monopoly on is famous for the saying “Good Things” or “It’s a Good Thing”, I had to come up with something else, whatever.  I love Friday and so it seems that Friday’s are the perfect day for me to share things that I LOVE. Having just professed my love for Friday, then it’s no surprise that it is my favorite day of the week! It’s a day that either celebrates all that has happened during the week or a day that concludes moments that I’m happy I survived. It’s a day of no homework & no lunches to be made. It’s a day that a chain restaurant T.G.I. Friday’s is named after… not sure what that has to do with this, except it was about Friday.

When I taught first grade, I taught my students a special chant as part of their morning routine. This may sound familiar to those with little ones in school or perhaps from some or your first grade experiences:  Today is? (fill in the blank) – Yesterday was? (fill in the blank) – Tomorrow will be? (Fill in the blank). On Fridays, I added a little extra saying ~ What is special about Friday? and my class would answer ~ T.G.I.F. – Thank God it’s Friday, Mrs. Medeiros’ favorite day!!  In case you are wondering, I taught at a Catholic School and we were allowed to say God. Also, those of you familiar with the 10 Commandments and using God’s name in vain, well, I really was thankful for Friday – (as we should be for everyday) and I looked at thanking God verbally as a form of public prayer giving gratitude for another week my students and I were blessed to spend learning together. I miss those days. My students are grown now – my first class graduates from college this year  ~ Congratulations Class 2011!!

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