About Me

my "partner" and the guy who came up with the name Baking 4 Six

A recipe for success…. I have loved baking ever since I can remember. My favorite memory is being in my Grandma Edith’s kitchen, standing beside her while she sat in a chair, carefully mixing the BEST pie crust dough. Interesting because she always sat down when she mixed her pie crust. However, when I was with her, the dough was not usually for a pie, but for something I called  “pie-dough-cookies”. We created cookies shaped like Dorothy, the Tin Man etc. from the Wizard of Oz or whatever shape I requested. (I wish I had photos of all the cookies. The things people create today with sugar cookies & royal icing, my grandmother could do with pie-dough, toothpicks & food color – AMAZING!) And~ so my life long love of baking began to evolve. In the early 80’s my mom inherited her mother’s cake decorating supplies & several Wilton Cake Year Books. I spent countless hours pouring through the books and re-creating the goodies pictured. During my college years, I worked for a Swiss pastry chef; he offered to train me, but I was young and didn’t realize the opportunity I was being given & it was not meant to be at that time. Originally, I dreamed of being an actor, but more realistically I also wanted to be an  doctor and then a nurse and for sure,  a “mom”. I studied interpersonal communication and ended up with a multiple subject teaching credential.  I taught 1st grade at a Catholic School until my first child was born. My husband and I have been blessed w/ 4 children & through the years, I have created a lot of birthday cakes. I pretty much enjoy any & everything “creative” and enjoy writing, photography, social media & technology.  I have always dreamed of owning my own business, and so, 20+ years later ~ I’m beginning a creative venture and am excited to see just where it takes me. I plan to bake, share recipes, and everything else that goes along with that ~


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