About Mother 2 Four (M24)

When I’m not playing around in the kitchen & writing about patisserie pastime on my blog Baking 4 Six….I’m a wife and a mom – as in “jack-of-all-trades AND master-of-none”… Domestic Goddess (dropout) describes me as well. It might help to know how I define Domestic Goddess ~ the name Martha Stewart comes to my mind. The (dropout) part, well even Martha spent some time in jail. STOP! – I have NOT been in Jail/Prison or anything near that. I think I would have a combination panic attack/mental breakdown/heart attack if there was ever even a teeny tiny chance that I would be sent to the “clinker”. Whew! – maybe Martha’s not such a perfect analogy afterall, but it’s the best I’ve got for now and I’m sticking with it. Afterall, Martha not only survived but she’s thriving… So, I’m no Martha but a girl can dream and since I’m dreaming I might as well dream BIG.

LIKE Martha,  I enjoy learning & thus am easily obsessed engrossed with “new” things and I have A LOT of hobbies.  UNLIKE Martha, I started this blog because “everyday” life as Mother 2 Four kiddos was continually preventing me from creating in my kitchen. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I also quickly grew frustrated at the lapses between each of my kitchen concoctions and felt compelled to share the reasons for those lapses.

Enough Martha… More ME ~

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things creative and crafty. Cakes, cookies, candies, party planning, color, fashion, home decor, stamping, scrap-booking, shopping frugaly, volunteering, animals, photography, poetry, writing, and technology – not necessarily in that order, except for Baking – if I had to choose one thing, which I’m not….. I love Patisserie, even the word is pretty even tho’ I can’t really pronounce it correctly. I am 100% positive this is why God blessed me with 4 children. I am very busy focussing on their needs, instead of hiding away somewhere crafting things for merely the sake of a creative outlet. Both my mom and grandmother are crafty. They were always into making the latest crafting craze – any readers remember Liquid Embroidery? Oh yeah, that is some “old school crafting” baby.  It was sold through home crafting parties.

I am from a slightly different generation than most 20 (or even 30-something bloggers) – did I just admit that?  Anyway, I am thankful for this younger generation who grew up with computers & digital cameras – because I have a wealth of information at my finger-tips via blogs, flickr, and FB (I’m not forgetting Twitter, I just haven’t added that temptation to my repertoire… yet).

I started this blog for many reasons, but mostly because I have discovered a whole new world of information & I am on a mission to become organized  …..this blog is a place where I can store all the information in one place and in an organized way allowing me easy access with a few clicks.  After doing all of this work, it makes sense to share the information with others.

This is just a sneak peak at who I am… and, as time permits, I look forward to sharing more through this blog – and – the ultimate creative challenge for me – making the BLOG look pretty!! –


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