Free “Redbox” Movies with Slurpee Rewards {offer details changed}

Update: 7/11 has an app. Scan the app each time you purchase a Slurpee and earn credit towards a free Slurpee. (You can earn points on everything you buy & then choose what free items you want to redeem your points for.)

Summer is the perfect time for Slurpees… unless you are like me and drink them year round. My go-to Slurpee flavor is Coke mixed with Cherry. I even have a cute story about Coke/Cherry Slurpees to share; back from the days when my husband and I were newly dating.

Mike and I had been dating for about 1-2 weeks (maybe?) and he was helping me move; basically transferring my stuff from a one bedroom apartment in town into a room I was renting in a house. As we were driving by a 7-11 Michael asked if I’d like a Slurpee. I was so hot and tired, that I stayed inside his Pathfinder – weird since at the time it seemed like I couldn’t spend enough time with him? He asked me what flavor I wanted and I said I didn’t care; again, weird – obviously I was SO smitten by him that I said I didn’t care – that only happened that one time, I always care about my treats!! When Michael came back to the car he asked me what Slurpee I wanted. I was a little confused, as I assumed he would just get the same flavor for each of us. However, for some reason, he filled one cup with Coke and the other with a mixture of two flavors, Cherry & Coke, thinking that I would like that. The crazy thing is – 99.9% of the time when I get a Slurpee, I mix Cherry & Coke together. Also weird because so did Michael, but for some reason he got one with all Coke just in case I didn’t like the mix (Coke would be my second choice – although every once in a while I change it up with Lemonade flavor or Pina Colada.)

You are probably familiar with the Redbox machines found in front of 7-Eleven stores and inside various grocery stores. They dispense DVDs & BlueRay movies for $1/night. ~ The movies that end up costing $2+/night because you rented too many and couldn’t watch all of them or because you went to the store, but forget to return it — just a little warning for y’all, learn from my mistakes. However, I’m sure Redbox doesn’t mind 😉

Did you know that when you purchase Slurpees there are codes on the cups? The codes are located next to the words Slupee Nation Rewards and by clicking on the link Slurpee Rewards Program you can easily sign-up to receive “free” stuff, including 1 night’s rental at redbox. So you can enjoy a Slurpee and a free movie.

details: Different size cups are worth different point values – small 1pt, medium 2pts., large 3pts, extra large 4pts., and promotional 5pts. It takes 5 pts. to get a code for a free 1 night rental.

Lastly, be sure to visit 7-Eleven on July 11th (get it 7/11) for a free 7.11 oz Slurpee while supplies last. You need to be sure that you use the 7.11 oz. cup, otherwise you will be charged for your Slurpee. – The 7-Eleven I visited handed out the cups as customer walked in the door.



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