Soft as a breeze

Gentle as a lamb

I will follow you.


Loyal as a dog

Dedicated as a soldier

I will stand by you.


Solid as a rock

Sturdy as a mountain

I will support you.


Serene as a breeze

Discrete as a shadow

I will guide you.


I will always be your friend.

May 24, 1996

About Baking 4 Six

Hi I’m Dianne – welcome to my happy place. Join me as I share my adventures in baking and love of sugar, spice and life one recipe at a time. Besides baking, I love teaching. Many of the recipes include the reasons & the whys for the ingredients. My goal is to make your adventures in the kitchen fun and the learning enjoyable along the way. Thanks so much for stopping by!!
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3 Responses to FRIENDSHIP

  1. abichica says:

    i have experienced beautiful friendships in my life, i had 3 beautiful friends who all passed away in a matter of a year between each i believe ill never find such wonderful, beautiful friends again in my life and i am very grateful that i at least got to experience that once in my life.. your poem brought back a lot of feelings for me.. thank you for sharing

    • baking4six says:

      I’m sorry for your losses. While, nobody can ever replace someone else, I do hope that you’ll find friendship in someone else again. It’s a very good feeling to know that someone else has got your back. Thank you for sharing. As much as I enjoy writing poetry, it was a little un-nerving sharing something personal with world.

      • abichica says:

        i know, sometimes sharing your most private thoughts with strangers is the best way to let out all your deepest fears and feelings..:-)

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