Awakening – a “surprise” poem from my husband to me

This Wednesday morning, I woke up, checked my email and found this poem from my husband. 19+ years later he is still surprising me. I enjoy poetry and have written poems throughout my life. I believe that this is the 3rd poem that Mike has written for me and probably only the 3rd poem he’s ever written that wasn’t part of a school assignment; I’ll share more about that another time. My husband is typically known more for the mushy sentiments & funny stick figure drawings that he includes in cards that he gives to me & our children. – I’m laughing to myself just thinking about them.

Also, interesting that I should receive this when I did. Why? Because late last night/early this morning I finally got around to posting some poems on this blog and I had no idea that he was working on this one for me. It used to be, once upon a time when we were dating, we would continually find ourselves on the exact same “obscure” page as each other, so to speak. It literally constantly blew my mind that 2 strangers, who knew practically nothing about each other could be so in-sync with one another without words; “soul-mates”. That probably makes no sense, except to my husband. I’ll clarify what I’m referring to with lots of details and specific examples when I share our love story one day. Anyway, it doesn’t happen as frequently nowadays. In fact it’s quite rare that we experience such moments. However, I still cherish those moments, even more so – because they are tangible reminders to me that it will take a lifetime and beyond for me to discover the “person” that is Michael. That is the excitement that is our marriage. The moments that carry us through our darkest days. The moments that make us thankful for each other as we tackle the mundane tasks and seeming monotony of everyday life.  The time & parts of ourselves that we no longer have solely for each other because we are constantly giving that time & those parts of ourselves to our four children. The glimpses of what we first saw in each other and intrigued us to want to know more. (That sounds pretty good, I’ll have to remember to go back and read this when I get irritated at my husband over something; like when he fails to read my mind.)


Always questioning

Where do I go?

Always wondering

When will I know?

Keep my guard up

Always protect.

The fall is great

So why take the step?

I take a chance

To see what is there.

I got kicked in the stomach

And lost all of my air.

A knock on the door

Please go away.

Let the phone ring

Listen to the message, see what they say.

I decide to take a chance

I’ll return this call.

Maybe this will be different

I hope I don’t fall.

A nice conversation

Engaging and fun.

She seems different

Remember to walk, don’t run.

Hard to go slow

When your heart is beating fast.

Will this be different?

Will this last?

This is what I hoped for

This is what I dreamed.

Made for each other

Perfect it seems.

Conversations are easy

Dreams are the same.

Finally my soulmate

No more pain.

She grabbed my heart

She opened the door.

She is loving and caring

She always gave more.

The world is different

I’m loving life.

I love her so much

She became my wife.

She awakened my soul

To all that life has to give.

If it wasn’t for her

I wouldn’t know how to live.

Because of her

The world is bright.

No hiding behind doors

She made it right.

Because of her

The clouds have passed

I found true love

Finally…at last.

I’ll always be thankful

She made me whole.

I’ll love her forever

Let the love story be told.

A heart that was lonely

A life that was adrift

Has been awakened to fullness

Because of you, my precious gift.

by Michael written for Dianne ~ June 29, 2011

After reading this, I was left speechless for a few moments (if you know me, then you know that being speechless for a few moments is a long time)…. and then I had a craving for slurpees & greek pizza and an urge to listen to fog horns.

Thank you honey!  ILYMTTW ❤ Y.S.

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5 Responses to Awakening – a “surprise” poem from my husband to me

  1. patty m says:

    Awww! That was beautiful. Three snaps to Mike!
    Fantastic job letting her know how much she means to you!

  2. giz says:

    That was beautiful. I need Chris to start hanging with Mike!

    • baking4six says:

      Thank you giz. If the weather would just cooperate… perhaps we can get together for a bbg & the kids can swim. – and Mike & Chris can discuss poetry… okay, maybe not the poetry part.

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