Mom Obliterates 3rd Grader’s Science Project ~ (& homemade playdough tips)

Oil marks on the paper = pending disaster etc.  How do I know this?  Well – the story goes something like this…

I put effort into letting my children do things for themselves – like school projects. #1) because I have 4 kids and a) making the “same” themed projects year after year, gets kinda old  or b) I’m busy helping the younger ones, so the older kiddos are on their own AND #2) mostly because I’m a teacher and I believe “student” work should be “student” work… I could go on & on but that’s not really the point of this.

My 3rd grader’s recent science project was to create a solar system – using re-cycled items was highly encouraged. Re-cycled materials = free & doesn’t require a trip to the store/read: saves time & money spent on supplies & gas and is good for our environment. So, one day while my daughter & a friend that was visiting were playing with the play-dough they made, my son decided that it would be the perfect medium for his project. He could make the play-dough, play with it, then turn it into a science project. Of course, in keeping with my beliefs, I decided that he should make the play-dough himself. He measured the ingredients and mixed them together.  Apparently, I wasn’t paying that close of attention when he filled the measuring cup with oil. I knew some went over the sides, but it must have been more than some – because…. the dough was really oily. Playing with it caused our hands to become completely coated in oil. Meanwhile, my idea was to bake the play-dough (something that I have done many times) so as to “harden” the planets so that they kept their shape & could be easily glued down. Apparently, too much oil causes ~ THIS see the picture below –

I was too freaked out to take a photo of the disaster – instead I tried to salvage the project and smashed the planets into smithereens really, it just crumbled when I touched it… all of my son’s hard work, – completely obliterated 😦

The tray had started off with several half circles of dough (balls that had been cut in half, then baked flat side down), each planet made to scale (smallest to biggest) and each the correct mix of colors for each planet.

What I learned from this:

#1 – TOO much OIL is not good…

#2 Take photos of mistakes (before trying to fix them)

#3 Have a back-up (we sort of had a back-up, thank goodness – I’ve learned to have a backup as this is not my first OOPS)


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