Turning 40, New Year’s Resolution, Lent, The First Day of Spring…

I’ve missed the boat over & over — wanted to start anew when I turned 40 (that was over 6 months ago), missed my New Year’s Resolution, didn’t give up anything for Lent — and now it’s already the middle of March. The good news is – today is the first day of Spring and there are 20 minutes left – so, today is the day – the day I start anew.  The day I commit to blogging, the day I commit to something and the day I actually stick with it for 1 year! I LOVE writing & computers & my family & taking pictures & sharing stories AND well, the problem with that is my LIFE gets in my way…

The hardest part for me is on a scale of 1% to 100% – I’m at 2% when it comes to blogging. I don’t really know how to create a blog & I don’t really know what to Blog about. It’s not that  don’t have 100′s of ideas, but one moment I want to be Annie from Annie’s Eats, then I want to be Bridget from Bake at 350, then I get carried away reading all kinds of blogs from crafty moms like Kim from TomKat Studio and then I want to be Martha Stewart, where I discovered her Dreamers to Doers & then, I want to do it all like Ree from The Pioneer Women and on and on (I’ll be mentioning A LOT more names later). The thing is through all of this, I feel like I cannot measure up – okay, another name, Glory form Glorious Treats just blogged about this… and well, I’m going in circles and time is passing and I’m not following my dream & I’m not being like any of these ladies. Not that I actually want to be someone else, I have grown to admire these women (who, by the way, have NO idea who I am because I’ve probably only left 1 comment on 1 site) – but I want to be me and maybe the problem is, I’m not exactly sure how to go about sharing exactly who that is.

I did finally decide what my blog is about, kinda – I wanted it to be about baking because I do LOVE baking, I ALWAYS have; I pretty much love/enjoy & sometimes get obsessed with all things crafty, but I LOVE baking for many reasons which will be a blog too, I’m sure. The thing is – first and foremost I am a wife & mother to 4 wonderful children — therein lies the “etc…” part of Baking 4 Six etc… ALL of the stuff that happens thatprevents side-tracks me from Baking as much as I’d like. However, the best memories are not from the things I bake but from the moments that they are enjoyed – just as my memories are from moments where LIFE HAPPENS.  A LOT happens in my life and the Top 10 Reasons I’ve decided to BLOG about it are: (I like Top 10 Reasons Charts)

10. Maybe other moms can learn “what-not-to-do”

9. Other moms can learn what-to-do

8. Other moms can laugh at my day

7. Realize that the same things happen to other people, too

6. Self-therapy for myself (it’s FREE)

5. Make me set goals & strive to attain them.

4. Learn how to BLOG

3. Figure out what I want to do when I grow-up, especially since I already reached the grown-up part a long time ago

2. Provide an excuse as to why I haven’t been able to bake (Baking 4 Six… my baking blog)

1. I found out that I can make a book out of my BLOG and I love to write & used to keep a journal and it will be a memory book for my family.


About Baking 4 Six

Hi I’m Dianne – welcome to my happy place. Join me as I share my adventures in baking and love of sugar, spice and life one recipe at a time. Besides baking, I love teaching. Many of the recipes include the reasons & the whys for the ingredients. My goal is to make your adventures in the kitchen fun and the learning enjoyable along the way. Thanks so much for stopping by!!
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