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A quick Breakfast/Snack ALL 4 kids like…

In my house growing up – my dad liked to cook, my mom liked to bake and… my dad only cooked for himself…. because he added spices & seasonings – gasp! My mom grew up with “plain” food so she … Continue reading

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WELCOME, to MY reality. One day, I’ll laugh….all because of a shoe.

UPDATE: I realize now that having a picture of the evidence (ie. the chewed shoe), would be perfect for this post. However, when the even occurred, I hadn’t started this blog. In fact, in a round-about-way this event is what … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking

I hope that you enjoy my blog, that you  get something from it, that you don’t judge me (I’m human, not perfect). I’m doing the best with what I have, with what I’ve learned & with the situation that I … Continue reading

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Alarm Clock vs. Mom

For the first time in like, FOREVER, my husband did not set the alarm for me this morning. He gets up at 5:15am (I think I should, but I have been staying up later, I love night-time) and I get … Continue reading

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My FAVORITE place to purchase children’s eye glasses

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Today’s biggest kiddo event goes like this. Upon returning home from a sleep over, boo-boo bear says to me, “Mom, on St. Patrick’s Day I accidentally got hit in the face with a ball & it broke my glasses.  I … Continue reading

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Turning 40, New Year’s Resolution, Lent, The First Day of Spring…

I’ve missed the boat over & over — wanted to start anew when I turned 40 (that was over 6 months ago), missed my New Year’s Resolution, didn’t give up anything for Lent — and now it’s already the middle … Continue reading

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